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Volume 2016 - Number 25

December 2, 2016

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SFIG Plan on Non-Agency MBS Reps and Warrants Puts Burden on Aggregators

Standards proposed by the Structured Finance Industry Group for disclosures of representations and warranties on new non-agency mortgage-backed securities are likely to put a burden on conduits and other aggregators that pool mortgages from scores of originators. The Wall Street group recently released the fourth edition of its RMBS 3.0 “green papers,” which aim to revive issuance of non-agency MBS by making reforms that will attract investors. The latest green paper focused on ...

Higher Loan Limits Take Small Non-Agency Bite

New loan limits for the government-sponsored enterprises in 2017 won’t have much of an impact on jumbo originations, according to an analysis by Inside Nonconforming Markets. The Federal Housing Finance Agency announced last week that the baseline conforming loan limit for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will increase in 2017, which will also boost the GSEs’ high-cost loan limit. The baseline conforming loan limit will increase to $424,100 in 2017, up from the $417,000 level it has ...

Trump Administration to Push for GSE Reform

Reform of the government-sponsored enterprises and a potential for more non-agency lending will be a priority for the Trump administration, according to the presumptive nominee to head the Treasury Department. President-elect Donald Trump is likely to nominate Steve Mnuchin to lead the Treasury. Mnuchin is a former partner at Goldman Sachs, founded the hedge fund Dune Capital Management and was among the investors that purchased IndyMac in 2009. In an interview this week on ...

Jumbo Servicing Increases for Many in 3Q16

Most of the top 30 servicers of jumbo mortgages increased their servicing portfolios during the third quarter, according to a new Inside Nonconforming Markets ranking. The volume of jumbo mortgages outstanding rose to an estimated $892.4 billion as of the end of September, up 1.7 percent from June and up 10.2 percent from a year ago. Wells Fargo remained the top jumbo servicer, with a $275.1 billion portfolio. That was up 1.1 percent compared to the second quarter ... [Includes one data chart]

Moody’s Issues Caution on Bank-Statement Loans

Moody’s Investors Service published a warning this week regarding mortgage programs that use bank statements and letters from accountants to verify borrowers’ income. The rating service said that type of underwriting – especially when relying on fewer than 24 months of statements – yields loans that are more risky than mortgages that have traditional income verification. Bank-statement mortgages have gained some prominence in the non-agency market this year as Lone Star Funds ...

AIG Plots Return to Non-Agency MBS Issuance

American International Group is preparing to resume issuing non-agency mortgage-backed securities, according to officials at the insurance company. The planned issuance differs significantly from the subprime MBS AIG issued before the financial crisis. Douglas Dachille, an executive vice president and CIO, said the firm is working to “rebalance its exposure to residential mortgages” after AIG’s sale of United Guaranty, a private mortgage insurer. During a recent presentation to investors ...

Subprime Performance Improves, Portfolios Decline

Performance of subprime mortgages continues to improve as the amount of loans outstanding declines. Some $265.0 billion in subprime mortgages were outstanding as of the end of the third quarter, according to estimates by Inside Nonconforming Markets. Only a small volume of new subprime mortgages have been originated since 2008, and in the past couple of years, large transfers of subprime servicing have been limited, prompting subprime servicing to ... [Includes one data chart]

Caliber Seen as Effectively Managing Growth

Caliber Home Loans has significantly increased its servicing portfolio – including subprime mortgages – in recent years. While rapid growth by nonbank servicers has raised some concerns among industry analysts, S&P Global Ratings said Caliber has effectively managed its growth to this point. Caliber is one of the few servicers that has increased subprime servicing volume in recent years, and officials at the company have plans for further growth. To this point, Caliber’s servicing growth has ...

News Briefs

Lone Star Funds is set to issue a mortgage-backed security backed by new nonprime mortgages, according to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission this week. It will be the third MBS from the COLT shelf this year. AMC Diligence said it reviewed 486 mortgages with a total unpaid principal balance of $235.40 million for the planned MBS. The mortgages were originated by Caliber Home Loans, LendSure Mortgage and Sterling Bank & Trust ... [Includes two briefs]

Average Jumbo Mortgage Interest Rates and Mortgage Performance

A page of jumbo data and the performance of non-agency mortgage-backed securities.


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