GSE Seller Profile

This data report examines the loans sold to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the most recent quarter to bring you extensive detail on GSE activity by lender—particulars such as channel breakdown, volume by loan purpose, average FICO score, average debt-to-income ratio, and average original loan-to-value ratio. The report includes detailed statistics on each of more than 1,800 sellers to the GSEs. Current report: 1Q15.

GSE Private Mortgage Insurance Profile

In this quarterly report, Inside Mortgage Finance looks at the details of the private mortgage insurance business: what volume of PMI-covered loans each lender sold to the GSEs, what the loan-to-value ratios were, how much of the lender’s GSE sales had PMI coverage, what channel the loans originated in, and which GSE the loans were sold to. You'll find rankings of the lenders by volume of loans with private mortgage insurance as well as by volume of loans originated in the broker or retail channels with private mortgage insurance. You'll also have the rankings of states where PMI-insured loans were originated. Current report: 1Q15.

Mortgage Profitability Report

This quarterly report brings you data and analysis that pinpoint how the mortgage market is faring quarter-by-quarter. Through charts and accompanying perspective, you’ll be able to determine how profitable the mortgage business is, which parts of it are generating the most return, how the business is trending, and how well you're doing compared with everyone else. Charts and analysis cover bank mortgage banking earnings, mortgage profitability: production vs. servicing, bank mortgage sales activity, bank/thrift mortgage repurchases and indemnifications, and bank mortgage servicing rights assets. Current report: 4Q14.

Top Mortgage Players

This quarterly report gathers IMF's gold-standard rankings and analysis of the mortgage industry’s sector leaders into one resource. Use the charts and accompanying perspective in the Top Mortgage Players report to learn who the market leaders are in the mortgage industry’s most important niches and how their business has changed from the previous quarter. You’ll also have market-level data that show you how the sectors and products are performing. Charts and analysis cover originations, servicing, jumbos, refinance and purchase, wholesale, broker and correspondent, private mortgage insurance and many more. Current report: 4Q14.

Agency Channel Analysis

This report delves into the channel usage of more than 1,200 lenders, reporting on the volume of originations they sourced from each channel for delivery to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac or Ginnie Mae, the predominant outlets for mortgage originations in recent years. The data is ranked by the lender’s overall volume and is accompanied by a breakdown within channel by purpose as well as averages by channel for such loan characteristics as FICO score, debt-to-income ratio and loan-to-value ratio. Current report: 2014.

Agency Condo Market: 2013

Learn the particulars about condo originations at thousands of mortgage lenders from data detailing their 2013 agency sales. In separate charts for GSE sales and FHA indemnifications, this data report provides information on volume, loan purpose, market share, and condo share of total business. Also contains data on activity by state.

GSE Repurchase Activity: Full Year 2013

This report provides information on all buyback motion during the reporting period. For each lender this data report breaks down by origination year all repurchases made during 12M13, all demands pending or in dispute as of December 31, and all demands withdrawn during 12M13. And for each of the 2,476 lenders faced with more than $5,000 in repurchase activity in 2013, you’ll have at a quick glance the total picture: the volume of repurchases and withdrawn demands during the year as well as the volume of pending or disputed demands at year-end. For each lender, you’ll also know the breakdown for each category between demands from Fannie and those from Freddie.

Mortgage Lender Profiles

Updated quarterly, each Profile holds hard-to-find data on a top lender on one comprehensive page. The total mortgage business of each includes many data points on originations by channel, government business, market share in each category, and more.

Mortgage Market Statistical Annual

Available in a variety of formats, the Mortgage Market Statistical Annual compiles all of the data published in Inside Mortgage Finance's newsletters.

GSE Market Profile

This data-packed report provides a picture of the current mortgage business on a state-by-state level. For each state, you’ll know the top 100 lenders, their total GSE business quarter-by-quarter, how it divides between refinances and purchase loans as well as how it divides between sales to Fannie and ones to Freddie. For the top 20 lenders, you’ll see in a one-page glance how they are doing in each of the 50 states, DC, and the territories. See which states they are strong in and where they may be faltering.

Analyzing GSE Mortgage Buyback Demands

Inside Mortgage Finance breaks down the GSE buyback record lender by lender. You’ll learn which lenders faced the largest amounts of repurchase demands and which saw large portions of their GSE business called into question. For each lender, you’ll also know how the demands panned out: What share was repurchased, how often the demand was withdrawn, and what’s still in play.


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