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Top Ginnie Mae Servicers

Lists the top Ginnie Mae servicers by outstanding dollar volume, and includes percent change from previous year. Data available from 1991-2Q14.

  • 2Q14-3Q14 list the top 100 servicers and include market share.
  • 2009-1Q14 list the top 50 servicers and include market share.
  • 1997-2008 list the top 100 servicers and include market share.
  • 1996 lists the top 50 servicers and includes market share.
  • 1991-1995 list the top 50 servicers and include the previous year’s outstanding dollar volume.

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What is it going to take to convince lenders to loosen the credit box (i.e., remove underwriting overlays)?

The recent rep and warranty changes announced by the Federal Housing Finance Agency should go a long way in protecting lenders from future buybacks and help expand mortgage credit.
There won’t be any significant elimination of underwriting overlays until the government stops seeking huge mortgage-related penalties and settlements from lenders.
There shouldn’t be any expansion of the mortgage credit box since looser underwriting is what caused the recent mortgage crisis.

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