Mortgage Profitability, Earnings and Repurchase Activity

Bank MSR Valuation Trends

Chart ranking institutions by mortgages serviced for others. Column heads are: Servicing for Others, Fair Value of Mortgage Servicing Rights, and Ratio of MSR FV to SFO.

2Q16 Data (Full list- 1,535 institutions)

1Q16 Data (Top 100)

1Q16 Data (Full list- 1,552 institutions)

4Q15 Data (Top 100)

4Q15 Data (Full list- 1,553 institutions)

3Q15 Data (Top 100)

3Q15 Data (Full list- 1,558 institutions)

2Q15 Data (Top 100)

2Q15 Data (Full list- 1,573 institutions)

1Q15 Data (Top 100)

1Q15 Data (Full list - 1,568 banks)

4Q14 Data (Top 100)

4Q14 Data (Full list - 1,579 banks)

3Q14 Data

2Q14 Data

1Q14 Data

4Q13 Data

3Q13 Data

2Q13 Data

1Q13 Data

2012 Data

Bank MSR History

Chart detailing bank sector's mortgage servicing rights dollar volume and market share. Provides annual number for 2001-2013, quarterly numbers 1Q14-1Q15. Does not provide information for individual banks.

2001 - 1Q15 Data


In 2016, what have you been paying your retail residential loan officers, on average, as a commission?

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