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Complete Guide to Mortgage Buyback Strategies, 7th Edition

In an updated 7th edition of the Complete Guide to Mortgage Buybacks, Inside Mortgage Finance looks at the current state of repurchases and indemnifications, from legacy issues to new production, from agency and government-backed loans to non-agency securities to mortgage insurance.

Guide to Nonbank Supervision and Enforcement

The Guide to Nonbank Supervision and Enforcement explores all aspects of the new regulation faced by nonbank lenders and servicers from the priorities of state regulators to how the CFPB directs its supervision efforts to emerging guidelines for nonbanks in the agency mortgage space. The guide also includes exclusive data from Inside Mortgage Finance ranking the top 400 nonbank sellers in the agency mortgage-backed securities market.

Guide to Jumbo Lending and Non-Agency MBS Conduits

In a new 2nd edition, this guide covers all aspects of jumbo mortgage originations and securitization, including best practices, details on new funding options from the Federal Home Loan Banks, analysis of the impact of new rules from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and details on reform efforts by the Treasury Department and the Structured Finance Industry Group.

Guide to Servicing Strategies and Mortgage Servicing Rights

Delve into the pros and cons of servicing transfers from the vantage point of buyers as well as sellers. You’ll learn what to weigh as you consider whether to enter the market and what to watch for—both in your own organization and in those across the bargaining table from you—when you do. The guide also includes three valuable 1Q2014 data sets: top servicers, top agency MBS servicers, and bank/thrift MSR trends.

Guide to Mortgage Originations Channels

This report looks at the retail, broker, and correspondent originations options—and the mini correspondent hybrid that has cropped up as a result of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s regulations—providing an overview of the current state of each as well as its pros and cons. Most importantly, the report delves into the channel usage of some 1,700 lenders, reporting on the volume of originations they sourced from each channel in 2013 for delivery to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac or Ginnie Mae, the predominant outlets for mortgage originations in recent years.

Mortgage Seller's Guide to Agency Application

Inside Mortgage Finance looks at all aspects of the process to apply to sell mortgages to Fannie and Freddie, become an FHA-approved lender and participate in Ginnie’s MBS programs.

Seize the Opportunities, Overcome the Complexities: Guide to HARP 2.0

The HARP 2.0 program, with its ‘captured audience,’ is boosting mortgage bankers’ profits, and smaller firms, CUs and banks are preparing to get in on the action. However, there are challenges and hidden surprises awaiting as you think about going into this program and after you’re up and running. This report offers the nuts and bolts of HARP, what lenders need to consider, as well as what’s working for those who’ve already jumped in. (June 2012)

Guide to the Non-Agency Market: Position Yourself for the Impending Revival

This report profiles a number of jumbo lenders holding portfolio loans as well as those involved with non-agency securitization. You’ll find major players profiled, including real estate investment trusts, rating services and lenders. The market’s concerns about impending regulations are examined. Find opportunities and profits with data charts and market intelligence on the business of major players as well as others that are active in the market now. (May 2012)

Guide to the Foreclosure Settlement: A Model for National Standards

Although the $25 billion foreclosure settlement applies to only five servicers, government regulators, by their own admission, will be looking to apply some of the same restrictions and guidelines to a much larger group of servicers. Inside Mortgage Finance breaks down the settlement requirements in the easy-to-understand Guide to the Foreclosure Settlement: A Model for National Standards. This special report covers all aspects of the agreement and includes analysis from those directly involved in the negotiation. (May 2012)

Seize New Opportunities: Your Guide to Reverse Mortgages

This guide to reverse mortgages comes at a time when the two top HECM lenders have announced they are getting out of that business. (Sept 2011)

Understanding Mortgage Servicing Reforms 2011

Prepare for Big Changes in Mortgage Servicing Practices Major concerns with mortgage servicing were raised after servicers, struggling to keep up with the tidal wave of loan defaults, were accused of having inadequate processes in place. Attention has shifted to massive reforms in servicing, coming at the industry from many regulators. (June 2011)

Deciphering the New Loan Originator Compensation Rules

The Federal Reserve Board’s rules on loan originator compensation and the pay restrictions in the Dodd-Frank Act will represent a sea change in the way loan officers and mortgage brokers are paid for their services. Find out everything you need to know about the rules on loan originator compensation in this guide from Inside Mortgage Finance. (May 2011)

Guide to the Dodd-Frank Act

At 849 pages, the Dodd-Frank Act requires federal regulators to create 243 rules, conduct 67 studies, and issue 22 periodic reports, according to the law firm of Davis Polk. About 100 of the rules will impact the mortgage industry. (March 2011)

Legal Analysis of Foreclosure Issues

Understand the Legal Problems, Potential Threats and Outlook Procedural errors by servicers have revealed problems big enough to undermine the country’s mortgage finance system. It started with allegations of robo-signing, where individuals signed thousands of foreclosure documents without properly reviewing the necessary paperwork. (Dec. 2010)

Everything You Need to Know About Short Sales 2010 Report

Your Guide to Getting Short Sales Done. Short sales have rapidly gained popularity among servicers and distressed borrowers as a preferred alternative to foreclosure. And the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives component of HAMP is expected to result in a substantial increase in short sales. (June 2010)

Loss Mitigation Update: Fourth Edition

A strategic report that gives you a comprehensive look at the loss mitigation developments and trends in a turbulent mortgage market. (2010)

The Rise and Fall of the Subprime Market

A 120-page authoritative history and analysis of the subprime mortgage market, with exclusive data from Inside Mortgage Finance and Inside Nonconforming Markets. (2009)

Guide to Combating Mortgage Fraud

Find out what strategies are being employed by states and lenders. Learn what's new in legislation and enforcement, and what you can do to combat mortgage fraud. (2009)

Loan Modifications Special Report

This exclusive report from Inside Mortgage Finance will help you guide your business through these difficult times as you work to manage your exposure. (2008)

LOS 2007

Whether implementing a new loan origination system (LOS), or updating an existing process, the decision to change origination technology is one of the riskiest undertakings for a company. LOS 2007, from the editors of Inside Mortgage Technology, will ensure you have the information you need to make educated business decisions.


With the recent dip in interest rates, how do you feel about loan volumes this year?

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We’re optimistic that our originations will rise by 10 to 20 percent year over year.
We’re really optimistic: We expect production to increase by 20 percent or better from last year.
We’re not so bullish. Originations for us may actually fall.

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