Mortgage Profitability Report 4Q12

With the quarterly Mortgage Profitability Reportfrom Inside Mortgage Finance, youíll learn what the current trends are in the mortgage business and what is fueling them. Youíll also get specifics on the ups and downs for individual players in the top tier and learn why they are headed in a particular direction.

Each quarter, your report will include data charts and accompanying analysis on:

Bank Mortgage Banking Earnings
Net income results for all institutions (985 institutions in 4Q12) and the market.

Mortgage Earnings Snapshot
Quarterly earnings for a selection of institutions based on earnings reports.

Mortgage Profitability: Production vs. Servicing
Comparison of production and servicing income for 10 top firms.

Bank Mortgage Sales Activity
Mortgage sales results for the banking operations of all lenders (1,096 lenders in 4Q12) and the market.

Bank/Thrift Mortgage Repurchase/Indemnification Activity
Ranking of institutions (272 institutions in 4Q12) by repurchase volume.

Bank Mortgage Servicing Rights Assets
Unpaid principal balance of servicing for others and fair market value of MSRs for all top institutions (918 institutions in 4Q12).

The set includes four comprehensive charts that provide the complete list of applicable banks and thrifts. For Mortgage Sales Activity, for example, the list now extends to 1,096 banks and thrifts. These expanded charts are not available except through the Mortgage Profitability Report.

Each chart includes quarter-to-quarter and year-to-year comparisons. The analysis delves into the trends behind the numbers and the circumstances at particular institutions.

Use the Mortgage Profitability Report to:

  • Gauge your own results against market returns.

  • Divine future market directions and allocate resources accordingly.

  • Scout new business opportunities.

Print edition with shipping in the U.S. - $497.00
Print edition with shipping outside the U.S. - $547.00
PDF Format - $497.00

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