2012 Mortgage Market Statistical Annual: Volumes I & II

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Data through December 31, 2011

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This 25th edition of the Mortgage Market Statistical Annual contains nearly 800 pages of exclusive and hard-to-find mortgage data, updated through calendar year 2011. In this two-volume set, you’ll find the most comprehensive and accurate data on all mortgage loan originations and servicing, including subprime data, home-equity lending and extensive statistics on loan securitizations and GSEs.

The "Gold Standard" of Mortgage Statistics 

The Annual is the result of years of IMF market surveys and research—the same deep storehouse of reliable, accurate and exclusive information often cited by the media, in investor documents and analysts’ reports. With the 25th Anniversary Annual, you’ll have at your fingertips more than 100 charts, most with many years of historical data.

Volume I features primary residential mortgage market data; Volume II contains a wealth of secondary market facts and figures. There is no better resource for detailed, quantifiable information on the mortgage industry.

This 2012 edition offers several new and enhanced data series, such as:

  • Top Lender Channel/Loan Purpose Detail
  • Top Agency MBS Producers
  • GSE Debt Activity
  • Top Seller/Servicer GSE Production by Channel
  • GSE Business Profile of Top Mortgage Sellers
  • Outstanding Repurchase Claims by Counterparty
  • FHA Jumbo Lending by State
  • Increased buyback data

You can research current standings and make historical comparisons in such areas as:

  • Top mortgage originators, servicers, underwriters and issuers
  • Mortgage originations by product and channel
  • Top FHA, nontraditional, ARM and jumbo mortgage producers
  • GSE mortgage pools
  • Large mortgage servicer delinquency and foreclosure rates
  • Loss mitigation activity
  • Bank, private mortgage insurers and GSE earnings
  • Mortgage profitability data, including repurchase activity
  • MBS and mortgage investor rankings
  • And many more

The data is also available in Excel™ format on CD. The CD is shipped with a complimentary copy of the two-volume print edition.

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All data in the MMSA are for the U.S. mortgage market.

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