Building Bridges: Connecting with Customers in a Changing RESPA Environment

Wednesday, March 8 | 2:30 pm ET

With purchase mortgages likely to be the driving production force in 2017, connecting with homebuyers—especially early in the process—is becoming even more crucial. While recent enforcement actions and guidance from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau have upended decades of RESPA enforcement policy and scared many originators away from using marketing services agreements and other business development relationships once allowed by regulators, a federal court ruling in PHH v. CFPB is once again changing the regulatory landscape.

The mortgage lending environment could change significantly in the coming months if the Supreme Court rules in PHH v. CFPB that the bureau overstepped its boundaries in enforcing Section 8 of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act.  Or a change in CFPB leadership, brought on by a ruling in the PHH case, installation of a new agency director by President Trump or Congressional changes to the bureau's leadership structure, could dial back current CFPB enforcement policies.

Learn more about balancing customer acquisition with regulatory risk at the IMF webinar “Building Bridges: Connecting with Customers in a Changing RESPA Environment” on March 8. During this 90-minute event, you’ll also learn how you can position your business to thrive no matter what happens with CFPB enforcement.

You’ll hear from:

  • Rodrigo Alba, SVP, Mortgage Finance & Regulatory Counsel, American Bankers Association
  • Benjamin K. Olson, Partner, BuckleySandler
  • Phillip L. Schulman, Partner, Mayer Brown

Among the topics we’ll cover:

  • What business relationships are allowed under the CFPB’s existing RESPA interpretation?
  • What are the greatest RESPA Section 8 risks facing mortgage lenders?
  • Has the regulatory environment changed for marketing services agreements?
  • How do you determine how much regulatory risk you can bear?
  • What happens to RESPA enforcement if CFPB leadership changes?

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