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Mortgage Rates, Terms and Financing

Mortgage Rates and Terms
Comparison of Fixed and Adjustable Mortgage Rates: 2000-2012 (Web: 1985-2012)
Market Share of FRMs vs. ARMs: 2001-2008 (Web: 1983-2008)
National Average Mortgage Rates by Home Type: 2001-2012 (Web: 1983-2012)

New Home Sales by Type of Financing
New Homes Sold by Financing Type: 1995-2012 (Web: 1982-2012)
Median Price of New Homes Sold by Financing: 1982-2012 (Web: 1982-2012)

Mortgage Originations

Mortgage Origination Activity
Mortgage Origination Indicators: 1995-2012 (Web: 1995-current quarter)
Mortgage Originations by Product: 2000-2012 (Web: 2000-current quarter)
Originations by Production Channel: 2000-2012 (Web: 1995-current quarter)
Jumbo Mortgage Originations: 2008-2012 (Web: 2008-current quarter)
Alternative Mortgage Originations: 2004-2012 (Web: 2004-2012)

Mortgage Originations by State
Mortgage Activity by State (HMDA Data): 2000-2011 (Web: 1994-2011)
FHA Mortgage Activity by State: 2002-2012 (Web: 1987-2012)
FHA Jumbo Lending by State: 2011-2012 (Web: 2011-2012)
Streamlined FHA Refinances by State: 2011-2012 (Web: 2011-2012)— NEW
GSE Production by State: 2008-2012 (Web: 2002-2012)
Subprime Originations by State: 2002-2007 (Web: 2001-2007)

Top Mortgage Originators
Top Mortgage Originators Overall: 2002-2012 (Web: 1991-current quarter)
Top Direct Originators: 2009-2012 (Web: 2009-current quarter)
Top Retail and Wholesale Producers: 2002-2012 (Web: 1993-current quarter)
Top Broker and Correspondent Producers: 2002-2012 (Web: 1994-current quarter)
Top Lender Channel/Loan Purpose Detail: 2011-2012 (Web: 2011-current quarter)
Top Conventional Conforming and FHA/VA Producers: 2002-2012 (Web: 1998-current quarter)
Top Conforming Jumbo Lenders: 2012 (Web: 2012)— NEW
Top ARM and Jumbo Producers: 2002-2012 (Web: 1998-current quarter)
Top Purchase-Money and Refinance Producers: 2002-2012 (Web: 2001-current quarter)
Top Federally Insured Credit Union Originators: 2009-2012 (Web: 2009-2012)
Top Online Mortgage Originators (Web only: 2004-2007)
Top Online Retail and Wholesale Producers ((Web only: 2001-2007)

Nonconforming Mortgage Market Activity
Top Subprime (B&C) Mortgage Lenders: 2002-2008 (Web: 1996-2008)
Subprime Originations by State: 2002-2007 (Web: 2001-2007)
Top Non-Prime Lenders: 2008 (Web: 2008)
Top Alt A Lenders: 2004-2008 (Web: 2004-2008)
Top Interest-Only/Option ARM Lenders: 2006-2008, 2012 (Web: 2006-2008, 2012)
Non-Agency Jumbo Producers (Web only: 1998-current quarter)

Home-Equity Lending Activity
Home-Equity Lending Activity: 1999-2012 (Web: 1999-current quarter)
Top Banks and Thrifts in Total HEL Business: 2005-2012 (Web: 2005-current quarter)

Thrift Industry Mortgage Activity
Thrift Industry Mortgage Activity: 1996-2Q11 (Web: 1996-2Q11)
Largest OTS-Regulated Thrift Mortgage Lenders: 2004-2011 (Web: 2004-2011)
Top Bank/Thrift Borrowers of FHLBank Advances: 2010-2012 (Web: 2010-current quarter)

Mortgage Portfolios
Top Bank/Thrift Residential Mortgage Portfolios: 2010-2012 (Web: 2010-2012)

Mortgage Servicing

Mortgage Servicing
1-4 Family Mortgage Servicing Outstanding: 1980-2012 (Web: 1980-current quarter)
Top Mortgage Servicers: 2002-2012 (Web: 1989-current quarter)
HAMP Modification Activity: 2009-2012 (Web: 2009-2012)
Agency Servicing Transfers (Web only: 1991-2005)
Replenishment Rates (Web only: 1998-2011)

Mortgage Servicer Delinquency Rates
Large Mortgage Servicer Delinquency Rates: 2003-2012 (Web: 2003-current quarter)

Top Subprime Mortgage Servicers
Top Subprime (B&C) Mortgage Servicers: 2002-2012 (Web: 1996-current quarter)
HAMP Activity by Non-Prime Servicers: 2009-2012 (Web: 2009-current quarter)
Replenishment Rates of Subprime Servicers (Web only: 2002-2006)

Government Market

Government-Related Mortgage Limits
Government-Related Mortgage Limits: 1980-2013 (Web: 1980-2013)

Government Loan Characteristics
GSE Single-Family Mortgage Pool Characteristics: 2005-2012 (Web: 2005-current quarter)
GSE Refinance Business: 2009-2012 (Web: 2009-current quarter)
GSE Loss Mitigation Activity: 2008-2012 (Web: 2008-2012)

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Activity
GSE Business Summary: 2005-2012 (Web: 2005-2012)
GSE Market Share: 2000-2012 (Web: 2000-current quarter)
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Mortgage Activity: 2002-2012 (Web: 1988-2012)
Top Mortgage Sellers to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: 2005-2012 (Web: 2005-current quarter)
Top 100 GSE Mortgage Sellers: 2000-2004 (Web: 2000-2004)
GSE Business Profile of Top Mortgage Sellers: 2011-2012 (Web: 2011-current quarter)
Top GSE Seller/Servicers by Channel: 2011-2012 (Web: 2011-2012)
Top GSE Sellers of High LTV Refinance Loans: 4Q12 (Web: 4Q12) — NEW
GSE Buyback Activity: 2012 (Web: 2012-current quarter) — NEW
GSE Reps & Warranties Repurchase Activity: 2012 (Web: 2012-current quarter) — NEW
GSE Production by State: 2008-2012 (Web: 2008-2012)
Top Fannie/Freddie Customers (Web only: 1999-2006)

GSE Earnings and Financials
GSE Earnings: 2000-2012 (Web: 2000-current quarter)
GSE Debt Activity: 2002-2012 (Web: 2002-2012)
FHLBank System Financials: 2010-2012 (Web: 2010-current quarter)

FHA Lending Activity
FHA Trends: 2009-2012 (Web: 2009-2012) — NEW
Top FHA Lenders: 2009-2012 (Web: 2009-current quarter)
Top HECM Lenders: 2009-3Q12 (Web: 2009-current quarter)
Top FHA Jumbo Lenders: 2009-2012 (Web: 2009-current quarter)
FHA Production by State: 2002-2012 (Web 2002-2012)
Streamlined FHA Refinances by Lender: 2012 (Web: 2012) — NEW
Top FHA Servicers: 2010-2012 (Web: 2010-current quarter)

Ginnie Mae Activity
Top Ginnie Mae Issuers: 2002-2012 (Web: 1992-current quarter)
Top Ginnie Mae Servicers: 2002-2012 (Web: 1991-current quarter)

VA Activity
Top VA Lenders: 2010-3Q12 (Web: 2010-current quarter)

Primary Mortgage Insurance

Private Mortgage Insurance Activity
Primary Mortgage Insurance Activity: 1998-2012 (Web: 1988-current quarter)
Private MI Volume: 2002-2012 (Web: 1992-current quarter)
Private MI Earnings: 2006-2012 (Web: 2005-2012)

Mortgage Profitability Data

Mortgage Profitability, Earnings and Repurchase Activity
Mortgage Profitability: Production vs. Servicing: 2009-2012 (Web: 2009-current quarter)
Mortgage Earnings Snapshot: 2010-2012 (Web: 2010-current quarter)
Bank Mortgage Banking Activity: 2007-2012 (Web: 2007-2012)
Bank Mortgage Banking Earnings: 2010-2012 (Web: 2010-current quarter)
Bank Mortgage Sales Activity: 2012 (Web: 2012-current quarter) — NEW
Bank Mortgage Repurchase Activity: 2010-2012 (Web: 2010-current quarter)
Outstanding Repurchase Claims by Counterparty: 2010-2012 (Web: 2010-2012)
Bank MSR Valuation Trends: 2012 (Web: 2012-current quarter) — NEW


Mortgage Securitization

Mortgage Securitization Rates
Securitization Rates for Home Mortgages: 2001-2012 (Web: 1989-current quarter)

The Mortgage-Related Security Market
Mortgage and Asset Securities Issuance: 1990-2012 (Web: 1985-current quarter)
Outstanding Mortgage Securities: 1980-2012 (Web: 1980-current quarter)

The ARM Security Market
ARM Securitization by MBS Type: 1986-2012 (Web: 1986-2012)
Top Non-Agency ARM Securitizers: 2002-2012 (Web: 2002-2012)

Non-Agency MBS Activity

The Non-Agency Mortgage Security Market
Non-Agency MBS Issuance by Type: 1995-2012 (Web: 1995-current quarter)
Top Non-Agency MBS Issuers and Underwriters: 2002-2012 (Web: 1995-current quarter)
Top Non-Agency Prime/Alt A MBS Issuers and Underwriters: 2002-2009 (Web: 2002-2009)
Non-Agency MBS Activity: 2006-2012 (Web: 2001-current quarter)
Non-Agency MBS Production by Collateral Type (Web only: 1987-2008)

The Alt A Mortgage Security Market
Top Alt A MBS Issuers and Underwriters: 2002-2008 (Web: 1998-2008)

The Subprime (B&C) Mortgage Security Market
Top Subprime MBS Issuers and Underwriters: 2002-2009 (Web: 1995-2009)

The Jumbo Mortgage Security Market
Jumbo Mortgage Securitization: 2002-2012 (Web: 2002-2012)
Top Jumbo Mortgage Securitizers: 2002-2012 (Web: 2002-2012)

The Home-Equity Loan Security Market
Top HEL Security Originators/Issuers and Underwriters: 2002-2009 (Web: 1995-2009)

Non-Agency MBS Sponsor Activity
Non-Agency MBS Sponsor and Shelf Activity: 2006-2008 (Web: 2006-2008)

MBS/ABS Trustees
Non-Agency MBS/ABS Trustees: 2003-2012 (Web: 2003-2012)

Non-Agency MBS Ratings
Non-Agency MBS Ratings by Company: 2002-2012 (Web: 1996-current quarter)
Subprime MBS Ratings by Company: 2002-2008 (Web: 2000-2008)
Top Non-Agency MBS Investors (Web only: 1999-2005)

Government (Agency) MBS Activity

Agency MBS Market Activity
GSE Single-Family MBS Trends: 2008-2012 (Web: 2008-2012) — NEW
Fannie/Freddie Securities Activity: 2002-2012 (Web: 1992-2012)
GSE Holdings of Non-Prime Mortgages: 2009-2012 (Web: 2009-2012)
Top Agency MBS Producers 2006-2012 (Web: 2006-current quarter)
Fannie/Freddie Mortgage Security Breakdown (Web only: 1999-2005)

The Agency-Backed CMO/REMIC Market
Top Agency-Backed CMO/REMIC Issuers and Underwriters: 2002-2012 (Web: 1995-2012)
Agency-Backed CMOs/REMICs: 2005-2012 (Web: 2001-2012)

MBS and Mortgage Investor Activity

Mortgage-Related Security Investors
Mortgage-Related Security Holdings by Investor: 2002-2012 (Web: 1991-current quarter)
Foreign Holdings of U.S. MBS and ABS: 2009-2011 (Web: 2009-current quarter)
Commercial Bank Mortgage Security Holding: 2000-2012 (Web: 1984-2012)
Top Bank Holding Company MBS Investors: 2002-2012 (Web: 1996-2012)
Thrift Industry Mortgage-Related Security Holdings: 1987-2Q11 (Web: 1987-2Q11)
Top Thrift MBS Investors: 2002-2012 (Web: 1986-1999, 2001-2012)
Bank and Thrift MBS Holdings: 1999-2012 (Web: 1999-current quarter)
Top Bank and Thrift MBS Investors: 2010-2012 (Web: 2010-current quarter)
Top Credit Union MBS Investors: 2010-2012 (Web: 2010-current quarter)
GSE Mortgage Securities Holdings: 2004-2012 (Web: 2004-current quarter)
FHLBank MBS Investments: 2010-2012 (Web: 2010-current quarter)
Top Non-Agency MBS Investors: 2007-2008 (Web: 2007-2008)

ABS Activity

The Non-Mortgage Asset-Backed Security Market
Non-Mortgage ABS Issuance by Asset Type: 2000-2012 (Web: 1995-current quarter)
Non-Mortgage ABS Production by Collateral Type, Issuer Type and Credit Enhancement: 2009-2012 (Web: 2005-2012)
Non-Mortgage ABS Issuers and Underwriters by Deal Type: 2005-2012 (Web: 2005-2012)
Top Non-Mortgage ABS Issuers and Underwriters: 2002-2012 (Web: 1995-current quarter)
Non-Mortgage Asset-Backed Securities Issued: 2006-2012 (Web: 1996-2012)
Non-Mortgage ABS Ratings by Company: 2002-2012 (Web: 1996-current quarter)

Commercial MBS Activity

The Commercial Mortgage Security Market
Commercial MBS Issuance: 2001-2012 (Web: 2001-current quarter)
Commercial MBS Issued: 2005-2012 (Web: 2001-2012)

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