December 1, 2016

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Total purchase first-lien mortgage originations rose by 20.4 percent from the previous month according to estimates from Inside Mortgage Finance

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Refi Surge Fueled Third-Quarter Originations, But Purchase-Money Market Remained Robust

Mortgage lenders saw a significant jump in refinance activity during the third quarter of 2016, although purchase-mortgage lending continued to account for over half of new originations, according to a new analysis and ranking by Inside Mortgage Finance. Refi production increased by 20.4 percent from the second to the third quarter, according to revised estimates by Inside Mortgage Finance. A total of $277.0 billion of refi loans were originated during the period, the strongest quarterly volume since the second quarter of 2013, when an estimated $351.0 billion of refinance mortgages were originated. One change in the market over the past three years has been...[Includes three data tables]


Trump Administration, Republican Control of Congress Present Mixed Bag for Mortgage Industry Participants

Lenders and servicers are likely to see some regulatory relief in the coming years though federal support for the housing market could also be reduced, according to officials at the Mortgage Bankers Association. The MBA’s Mortgage Action Alliance recently hosted a call with MBA officials providing projections for how the Trump administration and Republican control of Congress will impact the mortgage industry. “Things that were deemed impossible before the election are now in play,” said Meghan Sullivan, the MBA’s Senate Republican lobbyist. She said...

Light in the GSE Tunnel?

Steven Mnuchin, President-elect Donald Trump’s choice to be the next Treasury secretary, startled financial markets this week by indicating he would act quickly to bring Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac out of government conservatorship. “We’ve got to get Fannie and Freddie out of government ownership,” Mnuchin said during an interview with Fox News. “It makes no sense that these [two] are owned by the government and have been controlled by the government for as long as they have. In many cases, this displaces private lending in the mortgage markets, and we need these entities to be safe.” Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs executive who bought the failed IndyMac Bank and resurrected it as OneWest, continued...

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Inside FHA/VA Lending

FHA, VA Deliveries to Ginnie Mae Increase During First Nine Months

Total FHA and VA originations increased during the first nine months of 2016 compared to the same period last year, although VA was more active, posting a double-digit production increase, according to an analysis of Ginnie Mae data. Lenders delivered $201.0 billion of FHA loans to Ginnie single-family mortgage pools over the last three quarters, up 4.8 percent from the previous year. Approximately 65.4 percent and 29.3 percent of FHA loans securitized were purchase loans and refinances, respectively. The remainder was loan modifications. VA originations totaled $143.2 billion over the same period, up 22.3 percent from last year. Refinances accounted for 51.9 percent of volume and purchase loans comprised 47.0 percent. The share of FHA loans in agency mortgage-backed securities for the nine-month period was 19.5 percent and 13.9 percent for VA. FHA loans accounted for ...

Inside Nonconforming Markets

SFIG Plan on Non-Agency MBS Reps and Warrants Puts Burden on Aggregators

Standards proposed by the Structured Finance Industry Group for disclosures of representations and warranties on new non-agency mortgage-backed securities are likely to put a burden on conduits and other aggregators that pool mortgages from scores of originators. The Wall Street group recently released the fourth edition of its RMBS 3.0 “green papers,” which aim to revive issuance of non-agency MBS by making reforms that will attract investors. The latest green paper focused on ...

Inside MBS & ABS

Agency MBS Production Slowed in November as Fannie Issuance Fell Sharply from Previous Month

New production of agency single-family MBS in November was down 8.2 percent from the previous month, according to a preliminary Inside MBS & ABS analysis. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae issued a combined $134.70 billion of single-family MBS in November, the lowest monthly total since July. A decline wasn’t unexpected: the housing market is on the downslope of its seasonal trend and rising mortgage interest rates are taking some of the steam out of the refinance market. What is a little unusual is...[Includes two data tables]

Inside the CFPB

CFPB Files Appeal in High-Stakes, High-Profile Dispute With PHH

With CFPB Director Richard Cordray’s tenure possibly on the line while a pro-business President-elect Donald Trump works on staffing up his incoming administration, the bureau earlier this month filed its highly anticipated appeal to the full U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in its long-running dispute with PHH Corp. Back in mid-October, in PHH Corp. v. CFPB, a three-judge panel of the court nixed the agency’s $109 million penalty against the lender under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, and determined that the CFPB’s leadership structure was unconstitutional because it is run by a sole director who can only be removed for cause. While an appeal by the bureau was widely expected, the issue took on ...

Inside Mortgage Trends

Banks and Thrifts Report Surging Profits on Mortgage Banking in Third Quarter

Commercial banks and savings institutions recently wrapped up their best quarter in over a year in terms of mortgage-banking income, according to a new Inside Mortgage Trends analysis of call-report data. The industry racked up $5.18 billion in mortgage-banking income during the third quarter, a huge 44.6 percent increase over the three-month period ending in June. It was the best quarter in mortgage-banking income since the April-June cycle in 2015, when ... [Includes one data chart]

Inside The GSEs

GSE 1-Family Business Slump in October, Credit Box Unchanged

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac saw a largely seasonal decline in single-family business in October, according to a new Inside The GSEs analysis of mortgage-backed securities data. The two GSEs guaranteed $99.33 billion of single-family MBS during October, an 8.3 percent decline from the previous month. Most of the slippage was in purchase-money mortgages, which fell 14.5 percent from September, following typical seasonal patterns. The refi market held up a lot better. October volume was down 1.6 percent from September, while still ranking as the second-highest monthly total so far this year. That pushed the refi business to 60.2 percent of GSE volume, excluding modified loans.


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